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This past Saturday I went hiking with some friends up at the Sterling Forest State Park and had a great time! Even though it was one of the hottest days EVER, and by that I mean that it was in the high 90's with nearly 100% humidity, we still all enjoyed being outdoors in the gorgeous surroundings. I brought only my little point & shoot camera because I didn't want to lug the SLR around, so the pictures I took really aren't that good, but they at least give you an idea of what we saw. The picture above is of the big lake where we dipped our feet and chilled towards the end of the hike -- there were lily pads all over! And mosquitoes, too, but those didn't make for as good a photo op . . .

Here's the giant tree branch I sat on to take that picture:

Isn't this the perfect limb to climb out onto and then jump in the lake?!? The only problem with it was that it was positively covered in ants. I would show you the ants, but my attempts at photographing them were completely unsuccessful due to the aforementioned point-and-shoot camera.

Here's a view of the same lake from way up at the top of a hill:

This picture absolutely does not convey how gorgeous the scenery was at this spot! Looking at the picture now makes me wish I had taken the big camera up there . . .

We hiked about 10 miles in all and were pretty wiped out by the time we found our way back to the car. We finished the day up with fresh local ice cream from Bellvale Farms to make the day even better! I can't wait to go back up there and explore some of the other trails.

Oh and knitting-wise? I'm working on a few new designs but suffering from some severe design ADD at the moment. I may or may not have a pattern ready to release in the next few weeks . . . stay tuned.

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