Free Stuffed Animal Knitting Patterns

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I'm almost afraid to utter the words but it turns out that Christmas is only 46 days away. How crazy is that?

This year I'm thinking of knitting a bunch of stuffed animals as gifts . . . even for the adults in my life. So I've been collecting a list of patterns, and though you might like to have the list yourself!

First up is the adorable Kiwi bird from the latest Knitty:

He is just so cute! I already know who this one will be going to, believe me.

Next is another bird, but of a totally different species/variety:

Its an Angry Birds bird! The details on this pattern are so impressive, I kinda want to knit it just to see how she did it. Great job knitterbees!

If you're not into birds, you can always knit up a lobster:

Or maybe just some lobster claws? I love this knit lobster pattern from Dirigo, and the styling of the photo is wonderful too!

As I go through my list, I am realizing that I am on a bird kick . . . the next one is yet another, completely different, bird:

I totally love this Flamingo from Spud & Chloe, it has so much personality. And of course it doesn't hurt that it's pink, which is my favorite color. I may just knit this one for myself . . .

Next up, finally, is an animal other than a bird:

I think the Elefante pattern is intended for babies, but knit in different colors it would be more grown up. I love that his snout functions as a 5th leg!

Next up, a snake:

I particularly love the braided snake's tongue on this stuffed snake (Ravelry link)! It would make a great present for a Slytherin fan if you knit it in green and grey stripes.

If you'd rather go the traditional stuffed animal route, you can't go wrong with this classic teddy bear:

The Ruby Bear Pattern is very cute, especially how the sample is knit up to look like a strawberry. And the classic button connections on the arms and legs give this pattern an old-time charm.

That's the end of my list, but there are plenty of other free stuffed animal patterns available. Here's a Ravelry search to get you started finding more!

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