One sock down, one to go

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So, work has been TOTALLY insane lately and it will be this way for another week or so. I was here until 10pm last night and the rest of the team was here even later! And when I get home I can hardly sleep because I'm thinking about all the stuff I have to do. I've always been a bad sleeper when I'm stressed, I don't know how to turn off my brain and just go to sleep. So jealous of people who have that ability! I'm so tired . . . but I have been knitting. I finished the first crazy-colored Koigu sock yesterday and even grafted the toe together! Which reminds me that I never did that grafting video I meant to do, guess that's something to add to my Christmas-break to-do list . . .

Here's an awkward shot of the outside of the foot, where the ribbing is:

Hey don't judge the picture quality, have you ever tried to take a photo of the outside of your own foot left foot, and you're a righty? If you haven't, I'll have you know that it's nearly impossible!

I'm quite liking the simplicity of this design with the wild yarn color. I think I'll write the pattern up and offer it for free so other people can use it to knit up their crazy-colored sock yarn . . . I'm sure we all have them in our stashes and it's so hard to find a pattern that works with the color instead of fighting against it.

Ok back to work for me, I'll see you next week!

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