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Brr, it's cold out there!

In my last post I mentioned that I "insulated" my windows with packing tape to keep out the drafts . . . during the blizzard I upgraded this by also taping my black-out curtains to the window frames to keep the draft out even more. It's not exactly classy but it seems to have worked! I can now sit on my couch in front of the window without shivering. The curtains were actually billowed out in the middle due to the wind coming through the windows so I know I'm not nuts in feeling the drafts! And since there's no light this time of year anyway (and I usually keep the curtains closed all day if I'm home), I'm not missing out on anything by having the curtains permanently closed. Win win! Especially since I didn't have to shell out any money for this fix!

Going back to yoga

Speaking of shelling out money, I bought a discounted month-long yoga pass and took my first yoga class in two years last week. I was in a very bad mood and usually when I'm feeling like that I go out for a run, but that's not practical during  a blizzard so I headed to the yoga studio instead. The class that was up next happened to be a moderate/difficult class but I was desperate so I dove right in -- and I was almost able to keep up! I can hardly believe it. My balance is still as bad as it ever was (or probably worse actually) but my flexibility is as good, if not better, than ever. And my muscles seemed to remember how to get into the poses! The class was so difficult and I had to concentrate so much that I didn't have time to think about the thing that was bothering me. In that way yoga turns out to be better than running for clearing my mind. Good to know! And I was nicely sore the next day, which felt awesome. Can't wait for my the next class!

Oh, and speaking of things I haven't done in forever: I went skiing last week for the first time in 15 years. It came back about as easily as the yoga did and I had a great time. But talk about sore the next day! I also ended up with a few blisters . . . a few friends and I are planning to take a long weekend skiing trip next month, I already can't wait to get back on the slopes.

Will update on the knitting stuff tomorrow, promise!

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