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The amount of knitting I got done during my week off last week is kind of ridiculous until you remember that we were snowed in for half the week. Add to that my ability to knit while watching TV/reading, and the fact that I watched 5 movies, an entire season of Weeds, and read 3 books last week? Then the production level starts to make sense! The baby cardigan you see above is now completely seamed and lacks only about an hour's worth of finishing work before I can add it to the FO list. Oh, and shopping for the perfect buttons, which we all know is sometimes easier said than done . . .

For this cardigan I used the Rufus Textured Cardigan (Ravelry link) pattern from Vintage Baby Knits (Amazon aff link) with almost no modification. The only things I changed was to make the bottom garter border a bit shorter than written, and to make the sleeves a bit shorter too. I made the second size and I thought the called-for sleeve length was too long so I shortened it by about an inch. Everyone just rolls up baby's sleeves anyway, there's no point in making them too long! Oh, and I knit the button band at the same time as the fronts instead of seaming them on (that last modification was just due to laziness).

I used navy blue Koigu from my stash (color 2170) and the very slight shading adds a lot of depth to the stitch pattern. The cardigan is a really adorable example of my favorite kind of baby boy knitwear: old man style! I'm planning to get some brown leather knot buttons to complete the look. Do you think that sewing on corduroy elbow patches would be taking it too far?

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Peppermint Mocha Mama
Peppermint Mocha Mama

January 08, 2011

I know you are being facetious but I think the elbow patches would be perfect!

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