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First off, thank you to everyone who bought the Runner's Watchcap pattern! It's received the biggest welcome of any of my patterns ever, that's for sure. I'm so glad you guys like it! Can't wait to start seeing the FO's roll in on Ravelry as knitters finish their projects: that's the best part, seeing what everyone else gets out of a design I've come up with.

What you see above is the next hat pattern I'm about to release: The Super Simple Slouch (aka the S3 Hat). I am wearing this one non-stop in the frigid temperatures we've been having and it keeps me warm while still looking marginally stylish. Which is really all I can hope for when I'm wearing 5 layers and covered in the black snow from NYC streets . . .

Because there's so much fabric in this hat, I wanted to go for a thicker gauge than I have lately (you may have noticed that I've been knitting All Fingering Weight, All The Time lately) so that it would be done before the slouchy hat trend is over. I intend to quickly make one or two more of these in various colors to get me through the season! This one was knit with two strands of semi-solid brown Shibui Sock yarn held together, and I love the very subtle color changes that resulted from doubling the yarn. This photo shows them off pretty well I think.

While the Runner's Cap sort of just happened correctly the first time, this hat was a whole 'nother story. I think I did more ripping on this small project than I've done on all my other projects combined over the last few months! First the increases after the ribbing weren't right, and it took several versions to get the right amount of slouch I was looking for. Then when I finally got to the crown decreases, that was another problem: I didn't want a pointy top like some other slouchy hats have, I wanted a pretty flat top. It took a few versions to come up with what you see above, and I did put it down for a whole day to "stew" when I got fed up with having to rip and reknit so many times. But in the end it came out just as I envisioned it and I absolutely love it!

My favorite thing about this hat is how much of my head/forehead/ears it covers. I made the ribbing quite large in comparison with "normal" hats so that it could engulf my head like you see above. The hat is hilariously large but it does exactly what I intended it to do!

Right now I'm working on the pattern for the smaller (read: normal-person) size of the hat. Once that's done I will be releasing the pattern . . . stay tuned!

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Marige Clark
Marige Clark

January 23, 2011

I saw this darling girl leaving the "Vogue Knitting Live " show in NYC this past weekend, and low and behold, it was Ivete bundled up (very stylishly so, I might add) in her Vimioso Cowl creation and the S3 hat. When it is as cold as it has been in NYC this winter, style often takes a back seat to warmth.
Ivete had both, cozy warmth and super style. Yea! I want to make both. Now, all I need is a great pair of practical boots that have even a tad bit of style and I will be set.

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