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I guess I'm a few days late in noticing but having just looked through the patterns, I think this is one of the best issues yet! I already favorited a few patterns in Ravelry and may just take a break after my next design is out to knit one of these for myself!

Probably my favorite pattern in the issue is the chrysanthemums, a pair of fair-isle mittens:

I love the large flower motif and the graphic yet somehow still vintage feeling that these mittens have. And I've certainly been on a colorwork kick lately! I actually have a pair of fair-isle mittens in progress myself . . . although stylistically they couldn't be more different from these. But that's besides the point.

The designer of these mittens is new-to-me Heather Desserud who blogs at Hedda Knits. She has a few other mitten patterns and it looks like we can expect to see more great designs from her. I can't wait! Congrats Heather!

My other favorite pattern from this issue has to be the Undergrowth hat:

Surprise, more colorwork! I not only love the color combo here and the photo, I am particularly impressed with how the crown shaping has been worked into the colorwork pattern. Very clever! The designer for this hat is Mandy Powers and her website is Zig Zag Stitch, another site I hadn't heard of before. She has some other cool patterns available for sale on her site, my favorite of which is the Radio Frequency Mitten (yes, yet more colorwork). Go check her out!

The difficulty level and quality of the designs in this issue is very impressive. Congratulations to all the designers who made it in! You all did a great job.


PS - On a not-at-all-happy note, I heard from the shelter that Brownie passed away while at the vet on Sunday night. They were not actually able to figure out what was wrong with him either. I cried hysterically when I found out, even though he wasn't my dog and I only even knew him for 4 days. I'm not sure I'll ever get over this first-time experience fostering. Even though I know it must be a very uncommon occurrence, my heart can't take it. Thanks for all your kind wishes on my last post. I'm sure Brownie's happier wherever he is now, now that he's not in pain. Poor baby.

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Deborah Fillmer
Deborah Fillmer

February 22, 2011

Oh, I am so sad about little Brownie. I know that if he was in any pain, he is not anymore. {{{{{Ivete}}}}}

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