Hello from paradise!

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I'm on vacation with my parents this week in the Caribbean but thought I'd check in here and show you what I've been working on:


I've been so inspired by the gorgeous multi-colored projects on the Completely Cachy blog lately! Every time I check in on her progress I'm impressed by her color sense and the stunning finished items she creates. It rekindled my passion for the Babette blanket!

Last week I attached section 8 to the blanket, so that means I only have 2 sections left. In the interest of getting some serious progress accomplished while on this trip, I brought no other projects but this one. What you see above is what I got done since I got here on Sunday night . . . not bad huh? That's about one third of section 9.

I would have even more done by now if it hadn't been for the fact that I forgot my color key at home. I brought the pattern, but not the key that mapped my colors to the letters of the pattern! When I realized that I was so annoyed at myself that I could hardly think.

The prospect of having nothing to do with my hands all week was enough to make me reverse-engineer the color key . . . which involved about an hour of staring at my previous progress photos on Flickr and mapping the colors to the letters in the intructions. In the end I have a new color key to work from:

So it was definitely worth it. And now, I also have a digital record of said color key, just in case I manage to make this bone-headed move again before finishing the project . . .

Hope you're having a good week wherever you are! I'm headed back out to the pool now that the intense mid-day sun is passed. See you next week!

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