Daily Photo: April 8, 2011

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I cut the pointer finger on my left hand last night while taking a piece of furniture apart . . . and this morning it turns out I absolutely cannot knit with that finger bandaged up! As soon as I took this photo to document I ripped that bandage right off. Knitting trumps all other requirements you know!

What you see above is the very very beginning of a new pullover design. I saw a woman wearing an awesome cozy pullover while I was out at brunch last weekend, and I immediately pulled out my notebook and sketched it out. Last night I went stash diving for a sweater's worth of the perfect yarn for this project, and found a bag of Swan's Island yarn that I had almost forgotten I'd bought about a year ago. This yarn is absolutely stunning and will make a wonderful pullover. I have a feeling this project will fly off my needles in no time at all . . . stay tuned!

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PPS - I got a request to enable email subscriptions to my blog so I've set those up. If you'd like to sign up to receive blog-only updates (as opposed to mailing list updates), please click here!

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