FO: Snapdragon Tam

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I actually finished this about two months ago but never managed to take an FO shot. I loved knitting Ysolda's Snapdragon Tam but the finished item simply does not fit my giant head correctly! When I originally bound off the hat looked like it would fit as a tight skullcap, so I blocked it around a plate to stretch it out. That made a big difference, but as you see it's still not big enough for my huge head + all that hair. It fits my head like a regular hat would, not like a tam/beret should. And before someone comments to say it's because I'm wearing it way too far down on my forehead, that's how I like to wear hats! I don't like it when they're perched precariously on top of my head the way current style dictates.

It's OK thought because I know just whom to give it to and I know she'll wear it all the time! So all's well that ends well. I may try to knit this again and add a repeat in the middle to make it slouchy for me, we'll see. Considering that spring is officially here now that probably won't happen for at least a few months though!

If you're thinking about knitting this I highly recommend it, assuming you love complicated cables the way I do. It was so much fun to watch the texture wind in and out! The pattern is VERY well written so you'll have no problems at all. This is my second Ysolda hat (I knit Gretel a million years ago four years ago) and I can confidently say that her patterns have gotten much more clear and well-written in that time span. Which makes sense given how prolific she's been! The mittens that match this hat are really cute too . . .

Project specs:
Pattern: Snapdragon by Ysolda
Yarn: 1 skein (with plenty left over) Madelinetosh DK in color Nikko Blue
Needles: US size 6
Started: January 23, 2011
Finished: February 2011

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April 11, 2011

Wow, the hat is so pretty!! looks lovely.

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