Daily Photo: April 12, 2011

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Yes, it is illogical to be buying more stuff at the same time that I'm trying to clear out my apartment to get ready for the move, but sometimes an idea gets into my head and I can't move on until I address it. The current obsession is designing an iPad cover, and the above yarn is what I'm going to knit it in. My plan is to offer several versions of the design, each sized to fit a different type of portable tech product (think iPad, various sizes of laptops, and other tablets). I'll also get to do a bit of sewing with this one as the plan is to make a sewn lining and add a zipper! I'm so excited, this new idea is all I can think about at the moment. Gonna cast on this gorgeous sunflower-colored yarn the second I get home tonight!

I already know what stitch pattern I want to do for this design, so the book you see above isn't related to this project . . . but I just could not resist picking it up when I saw it on display at Purl. Which just goes to confirm why I own so many knitting reference books, I guess.

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