Daily Photo: Code and a Sock

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My day job involves trying to break my coworker's work in various different ways . . . and sometimes I print out the errors so that I can reference them as I try to find exactly at what point the server will break. What you see above is a printout of the database errors I prompted on the the site we're working on right now, which I crashed after hitting it with too many concurrent users trying to register at once. It's funny to think that my job is to break my coworkers' products, isn't it?

While waiting for responses and monitoring my tests, I often knit on a mindless project. Right now the project that lives at my desk is the plain stockinette sock in Malabrigo Sock that I started back on March 24th. It's been slow going because I only work on it for a few seconds at a time while waiting for something to come back with a response. That's ok though because the weather's finally turned warm, so I won't need these for a few months at least!

Speaking of the weather, I'm really looking forward to my new CSA starting up, can't wait to start cooking fresh ingredients again after a long winter. My new apartment also happens to be in front of a community garden . . . with any luck I'll make friends with someone who has a plot and be able to help them grow food too!

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