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So after prodding from several individuals, I've decided that my "mindless knitting" at work is going to be Runner's Watchap hats that I will be selling in my Etsy store. What you see above is 3 of the 5 I have made so far (sorry for the crappy iPhone picture!), which I plan to put up for sale this weekend. I'm using my huge stash of Koigu to knit these and I'm having so much fun with all the different colors! I'm tempted to keep the white/blue/yellow one for myself though . . .

This morning I also submitting a design for a new magazine (not going to give details because I don't want to jinx myself!). I've been so swamped with my "day" job over the last few months that i haven't had time to do the designing and submitting I had planned on. Since our project launched yesterday (go check out if you want to see what all the blood, sweat, and tears of the last few months has been for!), I'm now diving into the deep end of all those projects that have been neglected for way too long. Like this here blog. I have tons of stuff to show you so stay tuned!

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June 06, 2011

My son keeps making me order things for him from Jack Threads – your work is lovely!
Best of luck with the Etsy.

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