Finally (mostly) settled in

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It's been nearly two months since I moved to this tiny studio and I'm only NOW feeling like I really live here comfortably. That feeling happened literally minutes ago when I sat down at my desk and started to work on a knitting pattern! What you see above is my new work area, which sits between two sunny windows that get plenty of light all day long. When I look up from my computer and look outside, all I see are the tops of trees! So much nicer than my previous view, which was of my neighbor's windows . . .

I've also got the kitchen totally set up now, and it's surprisingly functional considering what I started with:

When I moved in, the fridge was where the baker's rack now is and the only storage was the cabinets you see on the right. Moving the fridge to the other wall and adding the baker's rack has made a huge difference, and cost less than $100 to do. Once I added my Banania poster and the magnetic knife holder, it made the kitchen feel totally done. I haven't really used it for more than making pasta yet, but I plan to start seriously cooking again next week, when my new CSA's season starts!

Oh and if you're curious about which pattern I'm working on, it's this one:

It doesn't have a name yet (and I clearly need some better FO shots where I'm not squinting freakishly into the camera!) but it's coming along nicely. I hope to have this ready for sale within the next month or so!

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June 20, 2011

Your new place looks very nice!! and that vest is so pretty, I love the cables.

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