Daily Photo: Koigu, you're still my #1 love.

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This photo's certainly over-exposed but I think it looks kind of cool that way so I'm using it! Hope you don't mind =)

On Friday night the idea for this design sprung into my head fully-formed. That rarely happens, believe me . . . most of my designs take tons of swatching, sketching and trial and error before they're finished conceptually. But every once in a while something like this happens, and those designs have generally turned out to be the most successful and popular (see the Runner's Watchcap and the Soho wrap for examples!). So I had to cast on ASAP. It still took me a while to settle on a color palette, and in truth I actually made 3 palettes and set them aside for later (more on that when I publish this), but after weighing and winding up the yarn, I was off like a rocket!

What you see above is the almost-completed scarf, all of which was knit over the last 2 days. And my hands don't even hurt!

Koigu in garter stitch is such a wonder . . . I love how the bumps accentuate the color changes and how no section is at all like any other section! Of course I'm maximizing that effect by shading colors in an out of eachother, which is one of my favorite techniques to use with Koigu. If you look closely at the photo above you can see that the colors fade into eachother seamlessly. So so pretty, I can't get enough. I can already tell that I won't be satiated by making just the one sample scarf for photography, I'm going to end up with at least two of these scarves for myself for sure . . .

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