New pattern and kits: The Loreley Scarf!

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I'm so so happy with how this little scarf design came out!

The idea was to make a scarf that would shade colors of Koigu into each other, to seamless go from one color through a bunch of other colors in a way that made them look like the fade into and out of eachother magically. I knew that I wanted a simple stitch pattern that wouldn't detract from the colors, but knitting an all-garter-stitch scarf is pretty boring, so I threw in some eyelets to keep your interest as you knit. The eyelets ended up being my favorite part of the design! The different texture of those rows brings out the subtle color changes in a different way than the garter stitch does, so it gives the whole piece much more depth of color.

You can see the full color progression here:

I've done lots of projects in Koigu but never one where the colors changed this drastically. I'm still amazed at how great they look fading into and out of each other! Which probably explains why I can't seem to stop admiring the different colors . . .

And in this one, you can really see the texture of the garter stitch and the eyelets:

The pattern is available to purchase for $4.00, and will be delivered immediately as a PDF download. You can purchase it here!

Speaking of colors, as you know that's my favorite thing about Koigu. I decided to offer up some kits for this scarf, and had lots of fun coming up with colorways!

I'm offering limited-edition kits for $39 plus shipping of $5.50. I didn't even write down the colors I used here, so I can't make any more of these even if I want to! You're guaranteed to have a very unique scarf if you choose one of these =)

Here are the colorways I came up with so far:

The first one is called Dark and it's the colorway I knit for the project photos:
[wp_eStore_fancy2 id=22]

I love the way the finished scarf came out and I know I'll get lot of use out of this colorway, as it pretty much goes with everything!

For the next colorway, I wanted to go exactly the opposite and came up with the Light kit:
[wp_eStore_fancy2 id=23]

In this one I particularly love all the speckle-y colors, they're more rare than the stripe-y colors of Koigu so I tend to fall hard for them when I find them as they're so unique! This colorway would probably go with pretty much everything too, and would make a more spring-like finished scarf.

Finally I wanted to go a bit crazy and use some of Koigu's really bright, wild colors, so I put together a Bright colorway:

[wp_eStore_fancy2 id=24]

This one makes me think of Mexico and would be wonderful worn with a tame outfit. Like many New Yorkers I often end up in head-to-toe black with just a small bit of color from an accessory, so this scarf would be perfect!

Winding all the yarn up for these kits took way longer than I expected it to take, let me tell you. I used my kitchen scale to weigh each skein and then split each one up into 3 equal sections, building a little pile of wound up balls as I worked. I think from start to finish it took me over an hour to do 6 kits!

Here's a crappy iPhone shot of the process (and my messy table in the background):

I'm thinking of doing a little tutorial on how to do this, would anyone be interested in that?

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