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So I've been on a bit of a cleaning-out and organizing kick lately, and last week I took a few hours to go through my button stash and create some order out of chaos. Above is only a part of the button stash that needed to be organized and culled! My previous storage method was just not working anymore:

As you can see from this picture, my previous method could be succinctly describe as "shove everything in a ziplock to figure out later." Well, later finally came!

Inspired by this picture on the Berroco blog, I went out an procured a cork board off Craigslist ($5! score!) and hung it up above my desk, then sat down for some serious button-sorting time. I used black sewing thread to connect buttons by type:

And as I worked the messy pile grew smaller and smaller and the cute, grouped-by-type pile grew bigger and bigger.

It shouldn't have taken me so long to get these all done but I kept getting distracted by how cute some of the buttons are! I'd forgotten about maybe half of these, like those awesome metal squarish ones that were supposed to go on a jacket design . . . there I go again getting distracted. I literally stopped more than once to quickly sketch an idea to go with the buttons!

After a few hours of sorting and watching DVR'd episodes of How I Met Your Mother (I just discovered this show and LOVE IT, you should watch if you've never seen it!), I had finished the whole pile. The finishing touch was hanging each little loop up on the cork board:

Using neon pushpins is optional, but it certainly doesn't hurt!

Now every time I sit at my desk I can look up and admire my neat and organized button collection. Hopefully this is the start of many new designs featuring some of these buttons ;o)


*Funny how "sorting buttons" would be the equivalent of "watching paint dry" for most people, but for us knitters/crafters, it's actually fun!

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August 30, 2011

just wonderful! a very famous knitter I know once said “the visual is the most important thing” or something to that effect. If it’s in front of you, you’ll see it, and it will inspire you.

Mary Choberka
Mary Choberka

August 29, 2011

You have inspired me. It doesn’t sound like paint drying to me – although if the paint were a beautiful color I could do that too!

jocelyn grayson
jocelyn grayson

August 29, 2011

Super cute idea!

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