Ramping up the fall knitting

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Fall is in the air, people! The wind smells positively different in NYC and the urge to knit has been overwhelming lately.

I have been working on lots of knitterly things, including making tons and tons of kits for my Loreley Scarf design. Over the last few weeks I totally redid the packaging of the kits, so they now look so attractive that they would even make nice gifts! Check it out:

As I emailed my mailing list this week, I've realized that I need to raise the price of these kits a bit due to how long they take me to put together (I didn't really realize it until I did 10 in a row one day!). So after this current bunch of kits is sold out, the price will go up from $39 to $43. There are 3 kits left at the time of this post so if you want to grab them at the original price, hurry! I'll be spending a large chunk of this weekend putting together new kits . . .

Sandra Singh still has several of her own exclusive colorways available at the original price too! Go check out her stock if you're interested.

In other knitting news, I have several patterns that are almost ready to be released, but lately all I can think about is Rhinebeck. This year I'm going with a group of women for the whole weekend! We rented out a house and will be spending the time knitting and drinking wine with no boys allowed. I am so excited I can hardly wait! I'm planning on taking advantage of the trip to get some photography done for some of my newest designs . . . as always, stay tuned!

Oh and if you aren't on my mailing list and therefore missed my heads-up email earlier this week, you may want to join the list now . . . just sayin' =)

Here's a handy signup form where you can do just that!




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