And the winner is: Michaela!

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Thank you to everyone who entered my contest!

I added up the entries and got a total of 88 unique entries (some of you entered 3 times by posting here, on Twitter, and on Facebook, wow!). In order to ensure randomness, I used the random number generator to pick a winner:

It picked #51 . . . which is  . . . Michaela!

Her answer to how to organize winter accessories was:

I am a huge shawl lover, and those are my main accessory in the winter. I got a beautiful wicker basket with a lid, and that’s where I keep my (neatly folded) shawls. I have a pretty good inventory in my head, i.e. I know exactly what’s in the basket, and rotate my shawls depending on my outfit.

I only have one hat, and I keep in in a basket on a dresser by my apartment door; that makes it easy to grab and difficult to forget. Easy peasy :)

What's funny about this answer is that it immediately elicits a bunch of questions in my mind: A wicker basket? Don't the knits get caught in the wicker? Or is the basket lined? How do you fold the shawls in there so that you can see them all so that you don't end up wearing just the ones on top? What happens when you outgrow the basket?

Clearly, I still need all the help I can get on this topic!

Michaela, I've emailed you to get your color choices for the kits and sent you a download link to the Chiagu Collection 2012Congratulations!!!

And another huge thank you to everyone who entered!

Thank you for your responses and for spreading the word about the contest, this was tons of fun for me!

I'm off to put the finishing touches on the new pattern I'm releasing next week, and then will be going through your organization suggestions to see which one will work best for me. As always, stay tuned!

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