Fastest bunny ever?

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The weather is gray and rainy today and it's making me not want to do anything at all. Usually what that literally means is that I end up reading blogs and knitting stockinette, which is what I've been doing for the last hour or so. Here's what I'm knitting:

It's gray. To match the weather?

I'm literally knitting a stockinette square, knit on size 10.5 needles out of some long-discontinued yarn from my stash (Filatura ZarOne, if you're curious). Why am I making a bulky square? Because it'll turn into a bunny. Did you know you can make a stuffed bunny out of a square of fabric? No? Then you should check out Heartstring's Knitted Bunny Pattern, which is a free download. There are over a thousand finished bunnies in Ravelry alone! So you know it's quick and easy. What you do is knit a square, then follow the instructions to sew it into a bunny. Fastest Easter present or decoration EVER.

If that last statement just made you think "but Ivete, aren't you Jewish?" the answer is that yes, I'm Jewish, and no, I'm not making this for Easter. Well, not directly anyway.

The story is that yesterday when I was at Knitty City to drop off some new kits, they told me about their bunny contest and how they hadn't gotten very many entries, and didn't I want to enter? They got me all interested, and then dropped the catch: the bunny is due today.

So the sqaure-that-becomes-a-bunny pattern? Perfect.

I'm planning to spice her up a bit by knitting pink bits for the inside of her ears and doing a pompom tail, but we'll see if I have time . . . will share a photo when she's done!

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