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Last week I got the idea into my head to sew a purse (I love and hoard purses!) and started hunting for patterns. I ended up finding the perfect bag in Modern Patchwork, which is a new magazine from Interweave Knits that has quilting and sewing designs in it. I picked up all the fabrics at work last Thursday and whipped the bag out on Friday!

I'm kind of surprised at how easy it was and how well it came out, to be honest with you. It's far from perfect (I cut the lining too small and had to squish the outside to fit) but I don't think a person can tell that it wasn't bought at a store, and that's always my guideline for if something came out well or not.

Here's the bag not-folded:

And here's the lining fabric, which I'm totally in love with:

The finished bag is a bit small for everyday use (because I carry way too much crap around with me) but it's a good size to add to my collection. I'm planning to make this again in a bigger size for daytime use, that's how much I like it!

The other practical thing I sewed was just this morning, while trying to neaten up my supplies. I have been keeping the special basting safety pins in a ziplock bag and today decided they should have a nicer home, so whipped out this little drawstring pouch:

I used a scrap of green fabric and then crocheted a chain to use as a drawstring, and was done in literally 5 minutes. It fits the pins perfectly!

Definitely the most awesome part of sewing in comparison to knitting: it's so speedy!

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