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Yet again, it's been a crazy week. Last week was a highly-injurious (is that a word?) one, too, complete with a pretty bad burn on my hand, cracking my head against a table, and literally slicing a piece of my index finger off with a rotary cutter . . . here's hoping this week will bring fewer ouchies.

In any case, all the club packages went out in the mail yesterday and I'm so excited to hear what you all think when your shipments arrive! I cannot tell you how adorable all those Koigu minis were to have around the living room as I was working on making them and packaging them up  . . . I almost didn't want to send them away!

Those of you in the US should be receiving your packages by the end of the week, and international members will hopefully have yours next week. I'm working on a small project using this month's minis (hint: it's crochet! and it involves sewing!) and will have it as a free pattern for you guys soon, but will wait to reveal it until after the packages have mostly arrived to preserve the surprise of what colors are in this shipment.

As for everything else I was behind on last week, well, I'm still behind. I asked for and was granted an extension on my pattern for the magazine, so was able to meet the club deadline, but now it's back to cranking on that project non-stop until I can pop it in the mail to them. I've also been working on Quiltfolio and will be starting a Kickstarter to raise money for it (so that I can hire someone to help me get it launched faster!), and have made and delivered a ton of new kits to Knitty City  . . . basically, it's non-stop over here. All the time.

Oh and I think I mentioned that all my yarn inventory now lives in a storage space? I thought you guys would get a kick out of seeing what it looks like when you open the door to the 9-square-foot unit:

It's pretty much all yarn, plus some quilting fabric and batting . . . when I ship out an order, I go to the storage space, pull out the stuff for the order, then sit in the aisle packing it up to drop in the mail! So far this system is working out pretty well, and it means the apartment is way less crowded than the old one was. I do miss having all that wonderful color around me all the time, though . . .


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