How the heck is it the middle of June already??

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Time flies, as usual.

Before I forget, I did finish the crochet mini-pouch pattern and it's available as a free download to all my email subscribers. If you'd like to download it, go here and put your email in the form. You'll be emailed a confirmation email that you need to click on, then you'll be emailed the link to download the pattern.

In life news, I've got a new 3-day-a-week gig doing WordPress work and that's eating up tons of my time . . . as is commuting into the city from NJ 5 days a week. Why am I in NJ? Been staying with my parents for the last few weeks. Much-too-long-and-boring-story short, I'm moving back into the city on Friday this week, and I can't wait! This will be move #3 in just under 2 months and you know what? I'VE HAD IT with moving. I'm staying put in the new place for a least a year.

Speaking of the new place, it's pretty awesome. I'll be living with a roommate for the first time in literally years, so that'll be interesting and probably take a bit of getting used to, but the apartment itself is amazing: brand new everything (we're the first tenants to live there), in a great neighborhood right by the river, and there's an elevator! After spending the last year in a rundown 5th-floor walk-up studio, the new place sounds like a palace. I'm psyched!

And in sewing/quilting news, I've been sewing a bunch and even knitting a bit! I finished a bunch of stuff lately, including my first-ever garment, a Wiksten tank:

Also finished two quilts which are samples for my first-ever quilt pattern (you SO knew that was coming), which I'm naming Basketful. Here's a peek at the top of the throw-sized quilt:

I'm pretty damn proud of this thing, let me tell you!

Speaking of quilt patterns, I've set up a separate site to talk about quilting/sewing and to sell the quilting patterns. I'll be publishing those patterns under the name Rose Smoke and if you want to check out the (still mostly empty) new site, you can do so at

Phew! How was that for a catch-up update?

I'm hoping to get back on a maintainable schedule after this weekend. Fingers crossed!

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