Buried in Koigu

Posted on July 18, 2012 by knittingpatterns4you | 0 Comments

Actually "buried in Koigu" doesn't sound half-bad, does it? Ha!

This month's Koigu Mini Skeins Club shipment was delayed due to all the stuff that you guys know has been overwhelming me over the last month or so, but I'm happy to say that as of Monday this week, the July shipment is out the door! What a huge relief!

To make sure I never fall this far behind again, I've hired someone to help me and will also be farming out most of my future knitting work as well. It just takes way too long to knit my own samples! This fact should have been obvious to me a long time ago, but it was only driven home about a week ago. I kept trying to power through the colorwork sample for the magazine pattern I can't tell you anything about and it is taking forever. I love the way it looks but I have other things I need to be doing with all those hours, you know?

And at the moment those "other things" include getting ready for work (I have an on-site programming gig today), so I'll post more later. I have an interesting knitting/quilting mashup to show you . . .

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