It's starting to feel a lot like fall . . .

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Not really weather-wise (it was over 80 degrees here yesterday) but knitting-wise! I see knitting blogs springing back into life, and find myself actually wanting to knit again. I'm already dreaming of that first perfect fall day where it's cold enough to wear a sweater but not so cold as to need a coat . . . I can't wait!

And at this rate, I'll have at least one new sweater to wear by then. Yesterday I finished the body of that cabled pullover I showed you, oh, forever ago:

I had to redo the neckline twice, but now it's perfect and just waiting for a button or two on the placket. Knowing me and my momentum problem, I immediately set up for and started a sleeve, and have that first sleeve about half finished now.

I went back and forth on the sleeve: should I do it in plain stockinette, or should it have a cable panel in the middle of it like I'd originally planned? In the end I chose to split the baby! For my sample, I'm making one sleeve plain and one sleeve with the cable panel. The pattern will include both sleeve versions, so you'll be able to make either one of each, two plain, or two cabled sleeves, whichever you prefer. I'm pretty proud of that solution!

This design doesn't yet have a name and I've been pretty stumped trying to come up with one. I tend to name designs either after unusual women's names or street names in downtown Manhattan . . . I'm considering "Peck Slip" but not entirely convinced yet. If you have any suggestions I'm all ears!

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