Learn to knit lace with the Loida shawl!

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Today I'm excited to introduce you to my new easy lace shawl design, Loida! You can purchase it here.

I designed this pattern with the beginning lace knitter in mind, and wrote it with plenty of commentary, descriptions, and notes.

When you buy the pattern, you actually get two files:

1 - A 3-page "Getting Started with Lace Knitting" guide
2 - The shawl pattern instructions, in two written forms (verbose and concise) and in charted form.

What's in "Getting Started with Lace Knitting"?

In this 3-page-long introduction, I cover basics of knitting lace. Everything from typical lace stitches, complete with the why of how they're used in constructing lace to the how of actually working them (with links to videos!). I also talk about reading lace patterns, keeping your place in the pattern, reading a chart, and more.

And the pattern?

As for the pattern itself, it's my most detailed pattern to date.

It's almost like 3 pattern versions for one design:

There's the "concise" instructions, which are what a typical lace pattern like this would look like. They're written out and charted.

Then there's the "verbose" instructions, which take the written part of the concise instructions and explain them. You'll see row instructions followed by notes, comments, hints, and tips.

And of course the pattern is fully charted, so if you want to skip all the words (and there sure are a lot of them in this one!), you can just go to the last page and start knitting immediately. (can you tell that's what myself I normally do with patterns? ha!)

The Shawl Itself

This shawl is like my perfect version of lace knitting: beautiful and elegant finished project that can be worn with anything without overwhelming your outfit (or you!), plus a fun-to-knit, easy pattern where every-other-row is purl only. I love patterns where the wrong-side rows are all the same, as it means you can totally zone out for about half the project!

That's especially great when you're near the end of the shawl and the rows are super long. Just as you feel like you can't work one. more. purl., you turn and start knitting and yarn-overing (no that's not a word) again! Such a wonderful pace for a project.

In case you can't tell, I'm rather enamored of this project and pattern!

Launch Special!


To celebrate the launch, I'm offering the pattern for only $3.00 until October 1st 2012, when it will go up to the regular $5.00 price.

Buy pattern here

Want to knit along?

I'm finalizing the details and will announce the KAL shortly, but you can go ahead and sign up for the discussion list now by clicking here.

And yes, there will be prizes . . .

Looking forward to hearing what you all think of Loida!

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