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This planning is because I've been "homeless" for 2 months (one month spent in my parents' extra bedroom, the other with my boyfriend) and thinking about my living situation pretty much 24/7 the whole time. Now you know why all my belongings are in storage, like I mentioned in my last post!

The thing I didn't want to jinx in my last post? I signed a lease yesterday! Woohoo! After 3 months of drama and 3 failed applications, I finally managed to get a lease signed.

When I think of my new place, all I can think about are the possibilities. I've never had a one bedroom apartment all to myself before, let alone so much square footage (you can totally tell I'm moving to Brooklyn based on that last sentence, right?). It's super fun to think of all the things I could do with it!

There are some things I already know I have to do: get a wardrobe for the bedroom (whose closet is a joke) and a window A/C unit (my last place had central A/C so I don't own a window unit anymore). Maybe two window units, depending on how hot September ends up being.

But those aren't the things I think about. The things running a mile-a-minute through my head are thoughts like:

  • I should make curtains! Different sets for each room! OMG there are three rooms in this place, each with windows! And even the bathroom has a window!
  • Should I put my crafty/office setup in the living room or the bedroom? Maybe they should be split up, office in one room and sewing/knitting stuff in the other? If so, which goes where?
  • I want a huge design wall! Like this one! And it needs to have nothing in front of it, so it can serve double-duty as a photography backdrop. How should I arrange the living room furniture so I can get that to work? :: draws layouts over and over again ::
  • OOHHH, I should make potholders for the kitchen! Yes!
  • Oh right, thinking of the kitchen, half my kitchen chairs died last year. I need to get a new set of kitchen chairs. And the ones I really like are too expensive. Ugh, this wasn't fun last time, not looking forward to doing it again. Let's think of something else!
  • I'll make a winter-weight quilt for the bed! The one I made this year wasn't warm enough in the winter so I used blankets on top. I wonder what the heating situation will be like in this place? Better wait on the winter quilt until I see if it's steaming hot in there.

Oh man, I better stop before I get too overwhelmed.

I am so excited!

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