Our Sophomore Year at Vogue Knitting Live

Posted on January 15, 2016 by Susie Dippel | 0 Comments

I've spent the last month planning and working on products for Vogue Knitting Live.  In addition to getting extra colors of Koigu and sewing new project bags I spent time deciding how to market and display Chiagu items in a new booth location. Last year we lucked into the last booth in the first aisle.  This year will are in the middle of the aisle surrounded by other vendors. By tonight we were ready to roll:


Marsha's shop, One Geek to Craft Them All, has one side of the booth while Chiagu gets the other side of the booth. There were a few odd items we needed to deal with:

   -  We noticed that our lightening could have been better but we found two spots near the front of the booth where people could get a good look at products.

   -  We decided to buy chairs instead of renting them.

   -  We ended up using more vertical space than we planned.  We had curtain walls, not true walls - the displays ended up being a challenge but we managed to display many items.

    We experienced more foot traffic during Friday night's condensed shopping hours. More people walking by translated into more sales.  We both decided not to wait until the end of the show to treat ourselves - we each bought a skein of the mammoth Empire aran weight yarn which is hand dyed by Jill Draper.


    Empire has a bit of a reputation - for most knitters, it's enough to make a whole sweater.  We'll see, I'm not sure I'll get a whole sweater out of it but I'm sure I'll have fun trying.

    And those of you who plan to attend the show, come by and visit, I always enjoy meeting everyone.

    Booth 413, 5th Floor,
    Vogue Knitting Live
    Jan 15-17, 2016
    Marriott Marquis Times Square

    It's Inventory Time...

    Yarn update!

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