Random Act of Kindness!

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For the last few months I have been serving on the Retreat Committee of my NYC Metro Mod Quilting Guild.  We were getting down to the wire when I get an email from Anne, one of my committee colleagues.

"Would you like a yarn winder? I have no need for it and I thought you could use it."

"Sure, I broke mine a while back and I haven't replaced it".

As we all start arriving for the retreat, we happen to pull in behind Anne's car.  She brings over not one but two boxes.  I saw a long box and thought "I didn't know she was giving me a swift - I have two already".  But we were both so excited about the quilting retreat that we said no more as we put the boxes away in the car that was my ride home.

As we packed up to leave I'm reminded I have these two new items to bring home. We unload the car and bring everything into the house.  After dinner I pick up the long box and I find it's remarkably light.  I opted to open the small box first and yep, it's the yarn winder.

I go back to the long box. Opening it I see that it is indeed a swift - a table top swift.  

Only one other person knew I wanted a table top swift and it wasn't the person that gave it to me. I had been debating long and hard about getting table top swift and poof, here it was.  Did I mention that both items were new and never used? I was speechless.

I am the recipient of a wonderful random act of kindness.  But the more I thought about it I wondered if it was karma. I have collected yarn for "projects" for 20 years. Last year, after reading Marie Kondo's book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up", I finally began to destash.  I gave loads to friends and donated bags yarn to various charities. My friends have already made beautiful projects with the yarn. 

Have you been the giver or recipient of an random act of kindness? I know there are some great stories out there. 



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