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Happy to report that this little booger:

Is now going outside (without paper!) more often than inside! Yay! The amount of progress he's made in only one week is absolutely phenomenal, I could never have expected it! I'm so proud of him!

(btw, this picture was taken on October 29th, he looks a bunch older than this now . . . sigh, they grow up so fast!)

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Picture-heavy non-knitting post!

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This and all cooking content has now moved to my cooking blog, A Chef’s Daughter.

Click here for the post: My first lasagna!

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The reason I haven't been around:

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Meet Arnold!

We brought him home from the breeder's on Saturday and it's been All Puppy. All The Time. around here. He was 8 weeks old when we picked him up, so he need tons of attention and care . . . and he cries ALL THE TIME! He's gotten better since the first day (when he would cry even if you were right next to him but not engaging him), but he's still very demanding. I had a puppy before (remember Pepper?) but never one this young . . . we had no idea what we were getting into! Did I mention he only sleeps for about 2-3 hours at a time at night? No wonder we're exhausted!

He's not immune to common dog diseases yet, which means we can't take him on walks yet, so we're paper training him and he's doing very well. We took him to his first vet visit yesterday and he's now on 2 medicines for the stomach bug he developed on Tuesday night, and as of this morning it seems he may be getting better . . . I hope it happens soon, he looked so sad on Wednesday! That and all the newspaper . . . it wasn't pretty.

The bad news is he likes to chew everything -- including yarn. I know puppies do this so I'm hoping he grows out of it or at least learns to leave the yarn alone with some training . . .

In other news:

Last night we got our wedding pictures!!! I bought the digitals so I'll be putting a bunch of them online for you all to see, hopefully I'll be able to do that this weekend.

Next post will include some knitting content, I swear!

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