Wedding Talk: Bridal Shower

Posted on June 11, 2008 | 1 Comment

My bridal shower was a week and a half ago, and I had so much fun! My FMIL, Laurie, and my best friend, Anne, hosted together, and they were very nice in listening to my requests (namely to minimize kitsch, ruffles, and silly games). We ended up with a fun party with lots of women talking, eating, and getting to know eachother. At the end, when almost everyone had left, I felt comfortable enough to open my gifts . . . that's when Anne pounced and did this to my head:

In the grand scheme of bridal showers this is nothing, of course, but I did also have to wear a sequin tiara during most of the party AND we played a newly-wed-style game . . . in which I only got 50% of the questions right. I groaned and whined a lot but I had tons of fun! (of course!)

Then this is what I spent this past Sunday doing:

I bought the flower Thank You notes specifically for shower gifts and the script ones for other gifts, but ended up using the flower ones for everyone because they are nicer, heavier cards. I also bought a bunch of Thank You notes that match our invitations, I'm planning to use those notes for wedding presents that arrive from now on . . . and I totally realize almost no one will notice or care what is on the cover of the note, but I care! So I went a little overboard. This whole wedding thing has made me fall in love with stationery all over again. I think in another life I might have ended up a graphic designer!

So there's only a little more than a month left to the big day! I had my first dress fitting yesterday, my veil has arrived, we've ordered rings, booked transportation . . . when we first started planning I was worried about all the big things, but now it's the million little things that have my head spinning! It's amazing how many small details there are that keep coming up . . . but we're on the home stretch, now!

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