July's New Colors

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Chiagu.com July's New Colors

These are July's new colors (from left to right): P224, P330, and P950. They are 15% off until July 22nd.


When I saw P224, dye lot 134, for the first time my mind immediately thought "Cherry blossoms!". There are beautiful ranges of pinks with touches of red. It is gorgeous on its own (shawls anyone?) or paired with navy or with cream for a striped scarf.


Initially P330, dye lot 86, reminded me of fall colors but as I walked around my neighborhood I saw very tall sunflowers in the exact yellow, gold, and brown/black of this color. Perhaps a ribbed top that takes you from late summer into and throughout the fall season?


And P950, dye lot 87, reminds me of the beach.  It's not a white sand beach but a tan beach with bits of color all over.  I can see this as a lightweight, loose top - maybe a v-neck with sleeves that go past the wrist.

Don't forget to read the next post - we are introducing some other Koigu products!

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