FO: Duet Socks

Posted on June 10, 2008 | 1 Comment

Here they are! I actually finished them this past Saturday but didn't manage to get my act together in time to post. I really like how they came out and they're really comfy!

I already know I won't be knitting with such thick yarn again for socks, but if I did I would remind myself to short row less on the heels -- there turned out a bit poofy, but definitely not unwearable. I still can't quite believe I finished a sock in 2 days, much less a pair in a week! This is almost definitely a record for me. Makes sense when you think about how many fewer stitches it takes to make something that's only 52 sts around instead of 60, and has way fewer rows per inch!

If you look closely at the toe of the left sock you can see the design I left in even though it doesn't show enough . . . just a sneak peek of what my next sock design will involve! Shhh, don't tell.

Project specs:
Pattern: 52 sts around with contrast toes & rib
Yarn: Duet Sock yarn in color Puddle Drop
Needles: US size 2
Started: May 31, 2008
Finished: June 7, 2008

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FO: Watermelon Socks

Posted on March 21, 2008 | 0 Comments

I'm on a finishing kick over here! (not that you'd know it from my Ravelry page)

Last night I finished the second watermelon sock and I LOVE THEM! They're ridiculous and bright and happy, and therefore perfect socks.

The fit is a little off on these, I probably should have short rowed more on the heel to make it narrower and taller, and these do not have a gusset so they are quite tight across the heel. No matter though, I will certainly wear them! In fact, I'm wearing them to work today!

The bind off I'm also unsure of - I did a sewn bind off and while it looks great on and is stretchy enough, it looks strang OFF the foot and is kind of bothering me.

Project specs:
Pattern: Toe up socks, 60 sts around with short row heels
Yarn: Yarntini Strawberry Daquiri and Koigu P539 for heels
Needles: US size 1
Started: October 2, 2008
Finished: March 21, 2008 (actual knitting time: 10 days)

Up next in socks:

Vesper Sock yarn in Neopolitan! I'm starting these today!

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