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Sorry, can't show you what I'm knitting

Posted on April 07, 2008 | 3 Comments

I'm whipping through a pair of socks for Cookie, who is so brilliant and talented that she has sold so many designs she no longer has time to knit them up herself! Oh, how I wish I had that problem. Hah!

Anyway, I'm on a very tight deadline so they're all I've been knitting since the package arrived last Monday. I've finished the gusset on the second sock so I think I'll have the pair done over the next few nights, but to insure it I'm carrying them everywhere with me so I can work a few stitches/rows here and there whenever I can catch a stolen moment.
As usual, working solely on one project really gets things done! It's funny that I'm continuously surprised to find this out. You'd think the first time I was able to finish a project in a week (or a weekend) that the "AHA!" moment would have sunken in, but somehow it hasn't . . . literally every time I am still surprised at how quickly I can finish something, and I always think, "Hum, maybe I should do this more often!" If only I weren't so fickle.

It's also surprising just how much sock knitting I can do on the subway and subway platforms. Even with this highly-patterned sock, I was able to do a full 8 rows during one commute when I was lucky enough to get a seat (believe me that is very rare!). I'm thinking I should maybe carry a sock around with me always, in order to make a dent in the ridiculous sock yarn collection I've amassed over the last few years. Hum. Will have to seriously consider that one!
Speaking of which, the second sleeve on Gathered was almost done when the sample knitting arrived. I intend to go right back to it and finish that sweater after I send the socks off. And after that, I'm going back to Katherine Hepburn -- when I put her back down last time, I had finished the knitting, sewed her up, struggled and finally finished the buttonholes, and tried her on. She fits, she looks good, and she took one fewer skein than I expected. All that's left is weaving in ends and sewing on buttons (I even already bought them!). I might have 2 sweaters finished by the end of this week! And actually, now that I think about it, the second Koigu ruffled sock lacks for only a ruffle . . . so it could be 2 sweaters AND a pair of socks! That's nuts! (and brings us back around to the great thing about having lots of projects going at once -- you can finish 4 in a week with little effort!)

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