Koigu Fest

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Itty Bitty FO:


(I look dumb in this picture (I know, big shock) so no face, sorry)This is the capelet from The Purl Stitch book, but I made mine in Koigu (I am still so in love with Koigu!). It took 2 skeins, this is color P858 for those who must know, and I made mine a bit shorter than the pattern called for since I got bored. Took about a (non-work) day to do and I lurve it! So cute.


(Click on this image for closeup of stitch and colors)To carry on with the Koigu-rific post, look!


This is my Koigu Sunset, although some colors may get changed around before the item is knitted. This has been getting collected for over a year now, it started with the reds/oranges in the middle, and then today we got a HUGE shipment of new colors from Koigu, so I bought, oh, 23 more. Oops.

My original idea was to knit something prismatic, with the colors fading into eachother. But there were too many colors I didn't care for, so now I'm doing a variation, based on a great picture of a sunset that only exists in my head. =) This will eventually be a very big shawl. I have a tentative deadline (again, in my head only) to do this for November, but we'll see.


And this is yet another Koigu project in the works. There are a few possibilities for what this will turn out to be, but even the colors aren't completely defined yet. This one started with the blues in the middle and built out from there, but I want this one to have more stark changes between colors which is why this one doesn't flow like the last one. If I get to this project before next winter (and I mean NEXT winter), it'll be a shock.

Off to go swatch the colors together and play with stitch patterns . . .

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Wrong-Season Knitting

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Or, what happens when you're away from home for a weekend and bring two projects with you, but forget one pattern . . . I had nothing else to knit for a day and a half, so this is what got started and finished last weekend:


This was made with (now discontinued) Filatura SuperTweedy Cashmere, which is such a wonderful yarn. I have enough of this to make a big sweater for myself, in the berry colorway, too, but I bought the last 5 skeins of the orange during our big sale. They just looked so sad in that 50% off bin. And the color goes perfectly with the orange in Aurora Bulky, which is what the solid orange contrasting is made from.

Even though this is the least practical item to be knitting this time of year (well, that's probably not true, but you know what I mean!), I really love this set. And actually, this is the only hat/scarf set I own, I usually never make things that match. So it's a good thing I was stuck with only this to knit!

In other news, I've decided not to go to Cambridge with my boyfriend, I will instead visit him several times during the year. He'll only be gone 9 months and it didn't seem logical to quit my job and move if it's only less than a year. We also decided to take a road trip in mid-July, we'll be driving around the southern part of the country for 20 days. We don't have our itinerary ready yet, but we're planning to see the beaches in the Carolinas, stop in New Orleans and Atlanta, and also check out the parks in the Arizona/Nevada area. If anyone knows anything we should see along the way, drop me a line or comment!

Oh, and for anyone who might come to String -- we still have all the leftovers from the sale on deep discount, some yarn's only a dollar a ball! Come and see!

And one last thing: Who'll be at Maryland S&W on Sunday? Wanna meet up? BF and I will be there sometime around noon, I'd love to meet up with any virtual friends who'll also be there then!

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