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Take 15% off our New Koigu KPPPM colors

Posted on February 07, 2016 | 0 Comments

(from left to right) Koigu KPPPM P902, P370, P106, P662, P868, and P873

These are the new additions to our Koigu KPPPM family.  These 6 colors are 15% off until Feb 15.


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It's Inventory Time...

Posted on January 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

When Vogue Knitting Live officially ends at 4pm on Sunday there is a mad rush by all the vendors to pack up their booth.  Those who traveled to the show have to deal with the package delivery services once their boxes and pallets are ready.  We locals dealt with getting all our stuff into a rental car on a snowy evening.

I took a couple of days off to recoup and then started an extended inventory.  This means counting and reviewing yarn colors, knitting kits, project bags, and yes, even patterns.  I'm running a bit behind with photos, but once they are done updates will happen in both shops, probably this weekend.  Believe me, I am making sure that next year the photos are done before Vogue Knitting Live takes place.

I also review the comments and requests that customers gave me.  Color-wise there will be new kits and new samples.  There are many new ideas for bags that hold your knitting, crochet, and drop spinning. There will (finally) be new patterns.  And of course I need to put an order in for more Koigu. A big thanks to Koigu for making sure I got more beautiful colors in time for the Vogue show.

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Yarn SALE!

Posted on November 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Save 15% on yarn - use code BF15. Ends Mon, Nov 30 11:59pm, EST.

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It's time for a yarn sale!

Posted on July 31, 2015 | 0 Comments


As summer is heating up all the weather forecasters are just a bit too enthusiastic to declare a heatwave in New York . Oddly I've been keeping cool by thinking, working with and writing about yarn. I thought you'd like to see the new colors in the shop. And it's about time for a sale - use the code welcomeback and save 15% off any yarn purchase.  The sale runs until August 11.


The dyers at Koigu produce so many color ways that are described as "rainbow". P146 is a rainbow, and it's predominately yellow, not so much blue, and lots of red violet. This is definitely a color for summer!


For some men this color is considered "bright". P163 is a combination of green, rust and blue, the green is a bit bright but all the other colors are not. Works well against those blacks, navy and greys. Consider it for a boy's sweater to a man's hat or socks.



Raspberries with your chocolate cake? Or would you prefer cherries? P347 is mainly pink and brown, a pretty and classic combination. This does not stripe, rather you get a few stitches in each color.


Can looking at a color calm you? P518 is a sea green with splashes of blue and a hint of brown. P518 would make a beautiful sweater!


P879 is one of Koigu's new color ways for 2015. As I worked with the yarn I envisioned a loose scarf or wrap, worn casually, maybe with a jean jacket (do folks still wear those?).



Koigu is know for some wild color combinations and this is one of them. Imagine a bouquet of irises and daffodils with a red tulip of two. Try P928 for that purple or blue that needs a kick.


Until next month's colors.


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Smith Street Fun Day & a New Product

Posted on June 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

It's a dreary summer Saturday so I've been catching up on errands and chores.  I'm also getting ready to vend at the Smith Street Fun Day Fair tomorrow (June 26, 12-6pm)!  Jennifer, the owner of La Casita Yarn Shop has graciously invited Marsha and I to set up our wares in booth in front of the store. And what are our wares?  Marsha makes stitch markers and dabbles in jewelry.  She has an Etsy shop named midnightscribbles. Her items appeal to the geek minded  but they are fun for everyone.

I'm bringing yarn, kits, patterns and some appliquéd notebooks.  I'm also selling projects bags, the drawstring type. The bags will be a new product for Chiagu. I really enjoy selecting  and matching the fabrics, and then sewing the bags. The bags are lined and they run about 11" x 13" flat.  I hope you like them. They'll be up on the website once I figure out how to add a category called "Bags".

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