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Koigu Fest

Posted on May 19, 2005 | 5 Comments

Itty Bitty FO:


(I look dumb in this picture (I know, big shock) so no face, sorry)This is the capelet from The Purl Stitch book, but I made mine in Koigu (I am still so in love with Koigu!). It took 2 skeins, this is color P858 for those who must know, and I made mine a bit shorter than the pattern called for since I got bored. Took about a (non-work) day to do and I lurve it! So cute.


(Click on this image for closeup of stitch and colors)To carry on with the Koigu-rific post, look!


This is my Koigu Sunset, although some colors may get changed around before the item is knitted. This has been getting collected for over a year now, it started with the reds/oranges in the middle, and then today we got a HUGE shipment of new colors from Koigu, so I bought, oh, 23 more. Oops.

My original idea was to knit something prismatic, with the colors fading into eachother. But there were too many colors I didn't care for, so now I'm doing a variation, based on a great picture of a sunset that only exists in my head. =) This will eventually be a very big shawl. I have a tentative deadline (again, in my head only) to do this for November, but we'll see.


And this is yet another Koigu project in the works. There are a few possibilities for what this will turn out to be, but even the colors aren't completely defined yet. This one started with the blues in the middle and built out from there, but I want this one to have more stark changes between colors which is why this one doesn't flow like the last one. If I get to this project before next winter (and I mean NEXT winter), it'll be a shock.

Off to go swatch the colors together and play with stitch patterns . . .

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Koigu Socks!

Posted on February 18, 2005 | 4 Comments


Here are my finished socks! The colors pooled like crazy, which I didn't expect, these almost look like self-striping sock yarn socks! I think they're really ugly, but I'll still wear them.

ETA: Since Laurie asked, I used two skeins of Koigu (one for each sock, in other words), and had some leftovers but not much. Please don't ask me which color number this is, I have no idea! =)

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Posted on February 10, 2005 | 3 Comments

We got new stock in KPPM! Look!


There are so many great colors, I had to really hold myself back from buying a few skeins each of, well, half of them. THEN I started playing with colorways for Charlotte's . . . sigh. We're out of stock in Charlotte patterns, but I can still make combinations to dream about!

I made the mistake of adding up how much I've spent on yarn since August, and am now on a somber NO MORE YARN compaign. And am determined to finish some projects, there are so many that are this.close to being done.

Next up to finish:

Koigu socks in yellow and peach -- only one toe left!

SuperTweedy Cashmere pullover -- half a sleeve left, plus finishing and big neck.

Next up to START:

Clapotis in SIlk Garden (you didn't think I could actually stop with the new projects, did you?)


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Exciting knitting!

Posted on March 24, 2004 | 4 Comments

I'm actually working on something that has me excited!

On Saturday I finally went and bought the yarn for the Charlotte's Web shawl and I am already on the last color repeat as of this post. I know, I'm nuts.

But look how pretty!


It's all mushed up on the needle, of course, but I absolutely love the colors. The last one is brown which I'm not completely sure of, but I know I'll use it no matter what so it's fine. This will be my leaving at work for when it's cold shawl. I've gotten tons of compliments on it already and 2 requests to make shawls for friends. I can already see myself making another one for me!

Here's a detail shot of the lace & colors:


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