New pink yarn!

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I just got home from spending a few hours with my friend Debbie talking and, of course, yarn shopping. She took me to her LYS, a new (to me!) store in Hillsdale, NJ called Creative Knitworks. It was a really nice store and the owner was really friendly, and I had arrived with the intention of buying yarn so I was definitely not leaving empty-handed! I had a dentist appointment this morning that left me numb and traumatized (don't worry, nothing bad happened, this is the way every dentist appointment goes for me!). Anyway, apparently I was in a pink mood today because this is what I left with:

The variegated on the left is Malabrigo Laceweight in color 92, which is called Little Lovely. The chunky stuff on the right is Araucania Limari in color 506, which is the perfect semi solid petal pink. I will probably knit myself a small cardigan with the Limari, something quick and simple (and probably top-down, no frills).

The laceweight is another matter: I had to have it because of the color, but some of you may remember that my hands are pretty much incapable of knitting with such thin yarn. I was thinking recently that my hands have been doing so much better this past year that maybe I could try knitting with laceweight yarn again . . . so if after trying it works out, I will probably knit a small shawl with this stuff. I do have a rather large stack of shawl patterns in my "one day" list . . . or I may even design my own, who knows.

I haven't been knitting that much over the last week or so but I've actually gotten a lot accomplished. I have two secret sweaters due at the end of July and one of them is about 2/3rds done already, and the other is about 30% done. I really can't show them to you but here's a picture of the first sweater's sleeve, just as a tease:

Exciting, no?

Wedding plans are cruising along, I am so happy to be mostly done with all the running around! There are still things left to do, of course, but most of the decisions have been made and now it's just the details. The jeweler who has resetting my grandmother's ring called on Thursday to say it's ready, but he's on vacation until the 14th so I haven't actually seen it yet . . . but it's good to know it's going to be ready in time! Less than one month to go! Yea!

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