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May's new Koigu KPPPM colors

Posted on May 06, 2016 | 0 Comments

These are May's new colors (from left to right): P127, P140, P204 and P360. They are 15% off until May 12th.

When you see the color yellow don't you think of summer?  While the brighter shades of yellow tends to look awful on me I find that warmer yellows like gold can serve as beautiful accents to the brighter primary colors I wear. I would certainly make a tank top with P360.

Color P204 is right up my alley - purples, pinks and streaks of yellow for contrast.  I wouldn't hesitant to wear this color near my face - it would be a great hat or scarf.

Do you like neon?  P140 is very bright and is just a step away from being a full blow neon color way. Whether it's a small or big project (a pair of socks, a child's sweater, an adult tunic) the colors would add an extra spark to your hand knit project. 

And the pastels of color P127.  The color is lighter that pictured in the photo and it does have a speck of navy here and there. I rarely see KPPPM in light colorways and  this one is pretty and subtle.

Although this week has been wet and dreary we're only a few weeks away from the holiday that kicks off summer, Memorial Day weekend  Make sure to sign up for our newsletter - I'm sending out some sale information in the next newsletter.  To sign up go to the Chiagu homepage and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

But first I'm attending the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Festival (May 14 & 15). For me, it's the last fiber-related event until October's New York Sheep and Wool. LIFF is less crowded and vendors don't run out of stock.  You have time to see all the events and demonstrations. I love that Tabbethia Haubold-Magee (from Long Island Livestock) explains the sheep shearing process as she is removing their winter coat.  She loves her work and she loves the animals. When we need a break we go to the nearby wineries (nearby as in crossing the busy road!).  The festival organizes a private  round trip bus out of Manhattan so we don't worry about have a drink doing our visit.  Come join us!


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Hooked on Periscope

Posted on May 05, 2016 | 0 Comments

I recently got hooked on the app Periscope.  My husband found someone who "scoped" one of the Bruce Springsteen concerts at the Barclays Center and we ended up watching the last hour of the show.  

Periscope is basically a streaming video service with text commenting and feedback.  The videos can be as short as 1 minute or as long as 90 minutes.  When you follow a user you get a notification that a live stream is about to start and you decide whether to watch or not. You can ask questions or make comments during a live stream.  Video replay is available for 24 hours although this seems to be changing.

I've visited Hong Kong three times in my life and I found two Periscopers who stream everyday: Penguin6 and John Ho.  Penguin6 (first name is Andrew) is an American living the expatriate life with his family in Hong Kong (his wife works in the financial industry) and he provides the non-Asian perspective.  John Ho is a Hong Kong native who provides insights into daily life and the Chinese culture. John hosts video chat sessions to answers your questions. One reason I enjoy their video streams is that they don't focus the camera on themselves, 95% of the time the focus is where they are and what they are doing.

I am not a You Tube person but Periscope really has intrigued me.  Have any of you tried Periscope?

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Pink, pink, pink!

Posted on April 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

(from left to right) Koigu KPPPM P147, P210, P457, P642 and P744.

These are the new additions to our Koigu KPPPM family. These 6 colors are 15% off until April 30th.

I love these colors and I'm not normally drawn to pink.  I envision so many projects that will show off these colors.  Each color way has light pink or dark pink... so perfect for "little girl" projects.  My grandniece is expecting a baby girl late summer and any of these 5 colors can be used for a baby sweater or a baby blanket.

I can see the lighter colors (P210, P744) for shawls and skinny scarves which are perfect items for combat air conditioning.  The bolder colors (P147, P457, P642) work well with spring pastels and bold summer colors.

And speaking of summer, what happens with your knitting when the weather gets warmer?  Do you work on smaller projects?  Or work with thinner yarn? Or do you take a break?  

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15% off New Colors for March

Posted on March 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

new colors - March 2016

(from left to right) Koigu KPPPM P155, P463, P541, P564, and P859B.

These are the new additions to our Koigu KPPPM family. These 6 colors are 15% off until March 28.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Posted on March 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

I've pick Koigu KPPPM 5 colors that have green in them and put them on sale for you: P163, P609, P738, P811, P872.  They are 15% off until March 22th. 












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