Koigu Magazine 2 iKnit iPad Cover Errata

The pattern that appeared in Koigu Magazine 2 was only a partial version of the pattern. We apologize for the inconvenience!

The last line in the magazine is "Starting with row 1 . . ." -- this line should be crossed out and instead work as follows:

Starting with row 1 of pattern, work in pattern to first marker, then work in pattern to second marker. (that may seem redundant, but you need to have the two center purl stitches be not-in-pattern in order to have a "front" and "back" to the cover)

Continue as established until piece measures 3" from beginning.

Divide for pocket:
Next round: P1, then slip next 38 stitches onto holder. Turn work.
Using knitted-on method, cast on 38 stitches. Turn work. Continue in pattern as established to end.

Continue working in pattern until piece measures 7" from beginning.

Turn work inside out and fold in half, with first and last stitches still on the needle to your right. Using a spare needle, bind off using three-needle bind off.

Pocket lining:
With RS facing, replace stitches from holder back onto needle. Leaving a long tail for sewing, rejoin yarn to work across these stitches as follows:
Setup row (RS): (K2, K2tog) to end. 27 sts remain.
Next row (WS): Purl
Next row: Knit

Continue in stockinette until pocket lining measures 4" from pickup. Bind off.

Push pocket lining inside sleeve. Using long tail from beginning of pocket lining, sew around 3 edges of lining to secure it to the inside of the sleeve. Weave in ends. Wet block to measurements. Sew in zipper and optional fabric lining.