I finished the front neck

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I finished the front neck of my cowl neck sweater! Just started the back, it feels almost like I'm on the home stretch. (in reality, I'm just about half way done, but I like to delude myself) Didn't really get much knitting done at all today, had other things to do. I think I'll knit my hands off watching TV tonite, as I am not in the least bit tired.

I realized about 5 inches into the front of my sweater that I probably should have been slipping the first stitch at the bottom, so as to have a nice edge at the bottom of my sweater, but by then I was like, "no way am I ripping this much 3x3 rib!" So I kept going without slipping, and now I'm wishing I hadn't. =( I just hope that blocking it will make the edge look neat, I'd hate to have a really nice, dressy sweater with an ugly edge! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Oh! If you don't know what this sweater looks like, I found this picture of it online (click to see it larger): I'm making my version in Mission Falls superwash wool, in an oatmeal type color. This is now the third neutral color sweater I'm making myself! The next one's going ot have to be bright red or something to make up for it.

PS. The heat's on!!! YEAH!

[knitting: AV sweater]
[crocheting: nada]
[fos: none]
[wim's: a new dolly. . .]

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