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Matt actually went with me to ANOTHER yarn store today! We hit Knitters Underground in Centre Hall, where I picked up a replacement set of size 6 DPNs and a pattern book for teddy bear sweaters (his mom is going to LOVE her Christmas presents!). They don't carry the yarn I needed for my bear, which is OK because I'll go back to the Sewing Academy on Mon. to get the skein I need. I don't know what is wrong with the people who work at this store; today the woman who helped me was not Molly, the owner, who had helped me last spring when I went in there. But this woman could have been Molly, for she had the same unhelpful attitude and no sense of humor! I'm not saying they're mean, or rude, or terrible, but they are definitely not how I would expect yarn store owners/workers to behave! I've been to other stores, such as the amazing Patternworks in NY and The Stitchery (also in NY), and both those stores have helpful, friendly, interested people who make an effort and are in a good mood. I just don't get this store. I'll probably still shop there on occasion, but if they were nicer, I'd probably be there every weekend! Oh well.

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