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I am still working on the AV sweater, it is even slower going right now, because I do NOT want to be working on it, I want to be working on something NEW! You know how it is when you just get sick of a project and get that itch to start something else. But I will NOT do it! I have way too many projects going as it is (sigh) and I need to get this sweater finished for Stitches East! Yes. (that was my pep talk to myself)

This isn't helped at all by the fact that last night, I couldn't sleep and in my mind, thought up a new top! I am going to deign it hopefully for sale, so I am not going to be going into too many details yet, but after thinking this up, I didn't want to stay in bed, I wanted to get up and start working! But I was a good girl and stayed in bed trying to sleep, even though I had to evacuate the building at 3:30 am because of a fire in the apartment below me (everything's fine, just a drunk guy who was heating something on the stove when he passed out on the couch and the something caught fire and filled his place, and the whole building, with smoke). We got no sleep last night, obviously.

[knitting: AV sweater]
[fos: none]
[wim's: this really cool new top!]

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