I decided, after seeing a

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I decided, after seeing a mention of a knitted Christmas stocking on the Knitlist, that I wanted to make a stocking for Mel's Christmas present. I had the yarn for her present for a while, and decided that Mel will probably LOVE a yellow Christmas stocking, so I went ahead and made it. It worked up in just 2 days! It was really easy, I made it flat in order to try it out (I'd only ever made socks in the round before), using 60 stitches, on size US 8 needles, using Encore. At the top of the stocking I did garter stitch and then the rest was plain stocking stitch, with a short-row heel. It looks very nice, with a crochet loop for hanging. The only imperfection is that the toe is a bit big, so it doesn't lie flat very well. I know Mel won't care, and I have no idea how to fix it, so it's staying the way it is. I may or may not write "Mel" on it with puff paint, haven't decided yet. I think I'll use the leftover yarn for a tiny bunny for mel, that'll be the third bunny I've made her! She loves them.
My dad bought me a nice winter coat for my birthday, but it does not cover my chest area, it has a suit collar. So I am in dire need of a scarf. I have a skein of Woolease left over from the sale rack at Joann's, which I've been trying to turn into a scarf. I don't want to make anything else in stocking stitch, so I'm trying to find another stitch, and am unhappy with everything I've found online. I've tried doubling the yarn and using seed stitch, or using moss stitch. . . nothing's going well. Will keep trying.

[knitting: my scarf (something for me!)]
[fos: Mel's stocking]
[wim's: a better stitch for my scarf, other presents]

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