Oh yeah, I forgot. I

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Oh yeah, I forgot. I have decided that I need to get some of these UFO's done and finished. So I am going to try doing the whole Joan's Wacky Dot System thingie. Not that I'm going to bother buying colored dots, I have perfectly good markers that can make very decent dots, thank-you-very-much. So yeah, here's my preliminary list, these are off the top of my head:

Red Dot list:
Block & sew up the 1824 sweater
Redo the AV sweater into a cardigan
Woolease sweater
Blue socka socks

Green Dot List:
The neck piece thingie (needs to be redone)
My hat & scarf set
The mohair blanket
Matt's Mom's blanket

I'm not bothering with a blue dot list, b/c I know I'm not gonna get this other stuff finished anytime soon, anyway. When I need another project to put on this list, I'll go digging. =) It's good to have a closet almost devoted to your yarn stash and UFOs, at least you know where to look to find those projects you'd forgotten about. heheh

My short-term goal is to finish the first two sweaters, because they are *SO CLOSE* to being done, it's painful. I mean in total time, it's not that bad; I started the first one in August, and the second one in September, and the knitting has been done for both of them since, um, November? But the AV sweater is way too hot, and I am going to make it into a cardigan. The planning is done, but actually ripping it out keeps getting delayed since it's so damn depressing! The 1824 sweater got finished, but it is in severe need of blocking before sewing up, and having never blocked anything, AND being lazy, have shoved it away instead of finishing it. If I can wear it before winter's over, I'll be happy.

The WE sweater's got the back done and that's it. This started as a whim during the summer, but who wants to work on wool/acrylic sweaters in the summer? So when the back was finished, I cast off and used the size 8 circ for something else. Never got back to it, and it's been long enough. It's the easiest possible pattern, I can probably whip it out in a few weeks if I just decide to do it. And I'm just about to that point now.

If the above short-term goals are met, I am allowed a trip to the LYS. Once there, I am allowed to buy yarn for one project, as long as it's not another sweater or another pair of socks. Preferred project category is a turtleneck shell suitable for under a business suit. We'll see how this restraint holds up.

LONG term goal (well, to May): Finish up most of this stuff so that I can give it away or put it away, so when I pack to move, I wont' have to pack so much yarn and tangles, I can pack finished stuff! It is much easier to pack a sweater than to pack a needle with 30" of knitting on it. So yeah. Good luck to me! And my wrist better stop hurting.

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