I dug into my closet

Posted on January 28, 2002 by knittingpatterns4you | 0 Comments

I dug into my closet and finalized my projects list:

Red dot list:
Chenille blanket (only about 1/4 of it left)
Moss-stitch scarf (only finishing left), my hat (rip out crown and redo)
1824 sweater (block and sew up)
Socka socks (kitchner one toe and knit other sock)
Purple Soft-N-Seamless sweater (finishing)

Green dot list:
Red doggie sweater (1/4 left)
Neck piece (redo)
WE sweater (only front is done)
AV sweater (redo)

Blue dot list:
Matt's Mom's blanket (barely started)
Mohair blanket (barely started)
Toe-up socks (not started)

I am officially scared of this list. However, Some of those red dot list items are SO CLOSE to being done that I'll be able to knock them off FAST, as long as I avoid starting more stuff! Which should be the goal, really. =)

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