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Wow look what someone on the knitU list told us about! Knitting FURNITURE! Check it out:
Of course it's too rich for my blood, but it's very cool! Someday. . .

And if you need some creative knitting inspiration, check out Loop-d-Loop!

AH! I am so honored! Dangerous Chunky linked to me! Go check her site out, Dangerous Chunky!

As you've probably all noticed, this has become more of a rambling diary than a project checklist. Hopefully that is ok with all you readers (not that I really think there are many (any?) of you out there).

Though my most recent project "duh" is that my awesome Adrienne Vitadinni sweater is unwearable. YES, unwearable. This is the Shaped Pullover that was published in Vogue Knitting and then republished in their Very Easy Knits book. I even found the exceedingly-expensive wool on sale and make it in the right stuff. Today I put it on, it's around 30 degrees F here, and before I walked from the room to the kitchen, I was sweating. Considering I'm possibly the most permanently-cold person in Central PA, PLUS that I'm SICK at the moment, it's pretty clear that if I can't wear it today, I can't wear it EVER. SO, I spent over $100 on yarn, a bunch of hours knitting, and worse, SEWING up this sweater, then fighting with the neck and finally redesigning a new neck, only to be left with what? A very expensive, heavy, warm, beautiful. . . thing-I-have-no-use-for. It's worse than an expensive trinket or piece of jewelry, or even a silly Boyds bear or some other useless collectible. At least you can display those!!!!!! Somehow I think hanging a wool sweater on the wall would be a BAD excentric interior-design concept. PLUS, it would stretch out of shape.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am now easing myself into the thought that one day, I will rip the sweater up and make something else out of it. Maybe a hat and scarf set, or a vest (as if I wear vests). I suppose it'd make a decent fall coat, but there isn't enough yarn for that, especially after ripping. Sigh.

Gonna have a diet coke and watch Reba to make myself feel a little less depressed. Grr and I'm still sick!

[knitting: redo of chenille blanket]
[fos: Pepper's blankie]
[wim's: hats!]

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