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My shift at the LYS yesterday was the best one yet. I got there late, and spent the whole time just doing Jamison & Smith winding and labeling, but this time I had Kathy, the other employee, to talk to the whole time! Plus then a few people dropped in, and two ladies, Ellen and Roberta, sat and knit while we rolled, and talked to us the whole time! The time flew by, and I barely noticed that I had done over 240 hanks of yarn! It was awesome. Roberta even showed me the right way to knit continental, and I think I figured out how I'm supposed to be holding the yarn so that I can pick instead of throw/wrap. I can do it ok now, but only for knitting, not for purling. So much good that is to me, especially since right now I'm working on a seed stitch scarf. =)

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