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So I fixed the shoulders and did the funnel neck again. Went to try it on and of course couldn't get the thing over my head b/c the bind off edge was so tight (even though I did it loosely). So I took it apart and did a sewed bind off, then tried it on again, this time managing to actually get it on. Then (surprise, surprise), of course, I don't like the way I look in it. It is a bit short (GRR, I always do the same things wrong, why can't I figure it out after the upteenth time???) and I need to do some kind of finish around the armholes because they look funky. I also think if I were to wear it, I'd need to wear a restrictive bra because it makes me look like I have huge boobs. Thankfully it fits, though. Not tight, not loose. No funky bagging in the back, not riding in the front. But even with all those positives, it isn't something I'd buy in a store for myself. That is my ultimate goal, to make clothes that I would buy. I used 4 hanks of the Summer Tweed on this top, so I still have 6 left. I will be trying the shapely tank that everyone else is talking about, I think. And maybe I'll do a quick little bag with some of it, too.

For now I've picked up the scarf for Rachel and am trying to get that done. I did finish one more square for Kaleb's blanket, too. While working at the LYS today I came up with, oh, three new projects to add to my ever-growing list of WIMs. To satisfy my colorwork urge, a little sweater for Pepper. For my sister, who requested a cowl a long time ago, I think I figured out the yarn. . . maybe. And for me, I want to use Fiesta Yarns's LaBoheme for a shawl! At $28 per hank, where one hank is not enough for the whole thing, let's just say that one's definitely not happening soon. BUT, Matt just left to go hang out with people and I didn't want him to go. He said if he's not back by 1:45 that I get to buy the yarn I saw today! And it's now 1:27. . . maybe I'll be getting a nice mohair shawl! I didn't tell him how much the yarn I liked was, I only said that it was too expensive, and when he left his money on the counter (almost $200), I said, "Yeah that's enough." I can't decide if I want him to come home and be with me or to be late so I can have some awesome yarn! hahah

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