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Here's another one for "insane knitting," Miniature Sweater.

And a pattern for a Clanger, which I think is a European cartoon alien. It looks like a mole/anteater or hedgehog (which is especially cool to me because I own a hedgehog!).

OOOH! It just occurred to me that if I knit this in white with brownish eyelash on the back, it WILL be a hedgehog! Matt would love that. Count one more item on the WIM list.

HeHe! A pattern for a monkey!
I finished one block of the afghan and am pretty far into the next block, WOOHOO!

Here is a UK yarn store that shows all the patterns in the current and some recent Rowan magazines! Now I want them even more. Check out: Peachey Ethknits

Here we go, I think I can satisfy my newest craving (for colorwork) by making a rug like troutgirl did! V.cool!
On a not-so-good note, it looks like I may not be graduating in 2 weeks after all. Waiting for a reply from my prof. . . my dad's gonna be pissed.

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